A poem is never finished, only abandoned.
Paul Valéry

Poetic Glimmer of a Vatic Vision

As a poet, it would be safest to abandon this collection to a drawer, unsaid; unshared. But that is not what was requested of me. These are a labor of love through delight and despair, and I hope it will provide some glimmer of enjoyment or meaning.

the Poet

I have long since resigned the ideals and travails of youth, devolving seemingly toward mid-life stuck in the rut of responsibility. I am a good person, secretly railing against the laziness of common humanity, while trying to find meaning beyond the rut. I am a husband, father, brother and son. I am an artist, an employee, and storyteller. I am a poet pointing towards myself.

Skiing at Lake Tahoe around the time a bulk of the poems were written