Poems of the Myth

Somewhere in the middle of college studies, I found a kindred spirit in the Romantic Poets. They were rebellious, yet carried a thoughtful integrity that elevated their artful words to something majestic. They continued to inspire throughout university and heavely influenced my poetry, which was significantly produced during that time period. Additionally, spiritual studies prior to university instilled in me a desire to identify in story and myth to free my seeming confinement in mediocrity.

Myth is the great explainer of the unexplainable. Ancient cultures used it to describe our world and our roles within it. The sun, moon, time, and death among many other things, were personified in mythic form, as were events such as wars, plagues, and other devastations. Now, we still describe the world, in just as realistic or fantasical settings, and still try to figure our roles within it. It also entertains by giving us something greater than what we consider ourselves to be. It gives us a hero, in whom perhaps we can indentify in some measure.

Photo by NASA