A Dancing Flame

Where two or more gathered
There in the midst am I.
Once a lamp shed cloistered
Put upon a table, now set up high.

Lone desire and quiet meditation
Until mind moves and gives direction.
What hand gives forth this gift?
What hand lights the way through the mist?
What smile reminds the aeon's sun
Under the beneficence of the True and Eternal One?

Upon a piller of palpable white
A relic brought forth to part the veil.
A flash and flare to reveal a sight
Potently bright unfurled, a flaming sail.

Burning, burning in passion twirl the fay.
Weaving, weaving to seize the day.
At once so brilliant as a solar sphere...
A mighty torch.
But chance a faint breeze
To drop at the merest grace...
A floating bubble.

What is friendship?
But chance to remember its holy name.
What is friendship?
But like the movement of a dancing flame.