From the Stillness

How can I describe this morning's
Rise burdened by faint words,
As I sit alone while all the world
Sleeps? From the dark, Night's
Cloak lifts, catching gray traces
Among its folds. Further it furls
Ripp'ling, resigning to a deep
Glimmer blue, and a soft cream pale
Advances upon the receding dark.
Rosy blushes warm in sudden bloom
Upon sinuous clouds floating still
In a chilled Dawn's sky. The cloak
Soon falls away as the molten orb
Peeks over distant hazy peaks,
And colors, once a cream & crimson
Tint, now glow a sphere's bright
Grace. With a welcome's song,
Birds awake to attend the joy
Of a new day.

How can I describe this Day's
Radiance cobbled in careful words,
As I walk alone while all the world
Creeps? From the gray, Dawn's
Raiment dons a resplendent
Intenser white as the day stirs
To clouds tumbling, winds racing
And motes of dust dancing in
Passing golden beams. The orb,
Now a searing bright wheel,
Ends its slow climb arc to pause
With a long sight breath at zenith's
Height, and then rolls forward,
Passing the day to faster fall
Into the night.

How can I describe this Evening's
Set entwined in olden words,
As I gaze alone while all the world
Tires? From the light, Day's
Cloak is drawn to, shouldering
Against the coming cold, as across
The sky a dark'ning creeps. On
The horizon hovering, the wheel
Grows dim into a subdued
Orange-red orb. The sky shimmers
Brilliant yellows & reds,
Yet ruddies to a murky, pulsing
Purple of an encompassing cover.
There is a calm unmatched except
By its dawning twin, as the redden
Orb slips beyond. One last furl
Of a deep golden red, and the cloak
Settles in a starry repose.

How can I describe this Night's
Reign caged in unbidden words,
As I rest alone while all the world
Fears? From the fire, Dusk's
Adornment becomes as a pale
Shroud under a faint lunar light,
A silver sliver which arose
Unnoticed in the Day's charm.
Thin cracked clouds glow
Incandescent, moving steady ahead
And a coolness grips the air.
The stars twinkle in innumerable
Chaos, living & dying during
Years long past. Still night stirs
When star's course sets, and once
Again a gray light faints upon
The East.

How can I describe this Day's
Love eternal in tender words,
As I remain alone while all the world
Plays? From the stillness, all
Pause to a moment when My
Thoughts align to You. Whether
Light or night here, I am alone,
But not lonely, for in My heart
You remain the Shepherdess
And Keeper of My Soul's tender
Affection. Oh Love, how can I
Describe the good You bring,
The joy You inspire, the comfort
You give, and the certainty
Of Us You make? How can
This soliloquy ease a heart
Alone, except to dedicate My
Love & memory of You to the comfort
Of My Being, for You reflect
The mercy upon My Soul.