In Silence

There is silence in a ripple,
Spreading out in rings upon
The surface of a placid lake.
It spreads through a low mist,
Leached from warm waters
By an early morning's chill,
And disturbs a glowing sky mirrored
Among tall trees standing
At the edge like dark sentinels.

There is silence in a stirring breeze,
Passing gently with a cooling caress
Over an arm outstretched in repose.
The breeze rises then, playful lifting
A soft feather and carries it away.

There is silence when an eagle soars,
Her broad wings fanned riding
Warm currents of air lazily rising.
She circles upon a draft alone,
Searching the land below
With intense sight, and seeing
None, gives a piercing cry.

There is silence in the sun's ray,
Breaking through a late winter sky
Of teaming scattered clouds. It streams
Down like a heaven's gold lace,
A lance of slanted light shifting
Upon a chilly ground.

There is silence between two friends,
Sitting on a shaded park bench
Sharing a moment together. Each
Confident, looks at the other deeply,
And with a gentle touch, each smiles,
A pleasant gift between two in love.