Shining Fair

I beseech thy orb'd mirror
Glass'd by an unformed tear.
A dance impassion of tangl'd feud
Mingl'd shade and tint radiantly imbued.
Fields of shards shift'd by wind
A sea of deep, restless to no end.
Of this hue a cosmic realm resid'd
A part of a whole, complete and undivid'd.

But what of this hue still unamed?
A passion cool yet wildly untam'd.
A color given by some grand design
Ever azure, hallowed aura, forever divine.

Yet should the dance's end soon seem
A mean hollow yearn to faintly redeem
Life's dance and resolve to firmly persist.
Simply pass boldly, my dear, through this mist.

Of thy glass'd orb a windowed glare
A depth unfathomable and seemingly rare.
Sapphire entrusted with an ebon pearl
Compassion painted, a majestic mural.
A gentle Voice silent yet strongly right
I look upon searching, Life's wax'd light.
My soul of thy beauty imbib'd with care
Of thy seaside countenance shining fair.