A Light Step

there is a razor's edge of Difficult
measure to eyes seeking Over
the horizon's hazy Distance
a curtailed future. its Substance
culminates through racing Drafts
of frantic thoughts Tangled
in labyrinth’l knots Bound
by cold-handed Fate.

appearance alone cannot Herald
one's good anymore than the Horizon's
abstraction becomes tangible. Firm
is the road underneath a Light
step, snaking forth to meet that Sinuous
line of blemished Azure,
and to the wanderer who Trespasses
the snag of fear and Leaps
the entropic pits of despair, the Day
is given. be True.

The following is a compilation of the last word of each line:

Difficult over distance.
Substance drafts tangled bound fate.
Herald horizon's firm light.
Sinuous azure trespasses leaps day true.