Always There Remains

I, Spirit, essence of God
Hold the balance to weigh
Those angels and demons
That play and prey.

Titans wrestle in my mind
Engaged and tumbling enraged
Yet I bide.
Binded and blinded from the gentler kind
It all happens within, not outside.

O Guidance, Spirit!
Masterful Soul.
I explore the wide seas of possibilities
Stretch the open skies of intentions
Knowing in the direction I take
I reveal to myself and the world
That I am not a fake.

O innocence and youth I still cling dear
Yet growth and change comes
That is clear.
Though doubt and fear still do persist
Against the calling of Spirit
I do not resist.

Balance is at the Spiritual Fulcrum
By choice one weighs heavier in faith.
Alight angels and the scales are tipped
But of the banished wraith
The darkness dissolves in screams and wails

And always there remains
The choice between darkness and light.