A Bloody Thirst

In a bright blue sky
They twirl engaged
Above the swaying
Eucalyptus trees.
A mated pair of
Soft white-gray
Move apart in an
Airy ballet.

In a bright blue sky
These birds flutter'n whirl,
Caught ami'st
A shadowy mural.
What first looks
A gallant chase
Reveals a battle
Of a frenzied pace.

In a bright blue sky
Hopelessly outnumbered,
With no safe haven
Clear in sight,
One soon expires
And leaves the fray.
Plummeting to the field
To finally lay.

In a bright blue sky
The crows lazily descend
With dark eyes flashing
Victorious again.
Down they follow & crowd around
In a mass of feathers
Where the first one lay bound.
Amid squawks cursed
They shift with greed
Tearing & rending
In a bloody thirst feed.